A question concerning 3.2"TFTs and adding another SPI device...

Hiya. I was just wondering if anybody out there has tried or had success in using a 3.2" TFT touchscreen whilst using another SPI device. I am interested in attempting wireless communication from one arduino board to another MEGA2560 with a 3.2" ITD touchscreen connected using NRF24l01 modules.... I hope you get what I mean, any help returned with happiness. Regards, Steve.

The only requirements should be: 1) having separate Slave Select pins and 2) possibly having to re-set the SPI parameters on each use:


Hiya JohnWasser!. Well it turns out that the 3.2" TFT only seems to use SPI for the SD card functionalities ( which I probably won’t be using as I only intend to use graphics & touchscreen ) so I’ll see what I can glean from combining the two (UTFT and touch libraries) and NRF24l01 Mirf library functions.:slight_smile:
I have an idea for a touchscreen wireless MIDI controller. I’ve just had success with understanding the Honnet Body Air drum code and have modified it to make a 3 pot 1 LDR wireless MIDI controller box. I am slowly getting to grips with how coding works ( Arduino&AVR ). TFT is the next step in my exploration.

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:
With respect.