A question on where to begin.

Hello all, i have recently begun learning about Arduino but unfortunately know very little about programming. I will keep reading the learning page and other sources on C but if anyone has any ideas on where to focus my attention to better understand it would be much appreciated. I will soon post a question in soecific to the script ill be trying to write. Thank you! máte legrace

A couple that helped me along:

Getting Started with Arduino

Sams Teach Yourself C in 24 Hours

There are thousands of others. I found our library here was good about bringing in books to borrow, I just didn’t always get it as quickly as desired.

Not that I'm that advanced, but the book that helped me really get started in Arduino programming was Making Things Talk by Tom Igoe.

If you're completely new to the world of programming though, I might suggest...

goes and looks through bookshelves

Drat, I was going to recommend my Computer Science 1 textbook but I think that was one of the books that got lost our recent move. (We shipped some of our books in a box and when it arrived at our new place it was full of someone else's books. Not that I'm complaining mind you... now I can finally read Plato's Republic! )

Anywho, I would suggest a good introductory [u]Java[/u] book if you really want to focus on Arduinos. That's because Arduino programming is Java programming. The Arduino / Processing language is based on the Java computer language. The C language is a bit different because it's not quite "object oriented" like Java is... but, bottom line I recommend studying Java first. (It's also a little more forgiving in terms of errors.)

Hope this helps! Cheers! :)

The Arduino programming environment was derived from Wiring, which although influenced by Processing (which is Java), Arduino is actually C++. There are many subtle differences between Java and the C/C++ language that Arduino uses and starting with a book that covers the basics C of is a better place to start to learn the basic syntax.

A good place to post those specific questions for the script you'll be trying to write would be in the "Software > Syntax and Programs" Forum. Many people read this "General > Workshops" Forum too, but chances are you'll get a better response from readers over there.

The Arduino language is C/C++ based, not Java.

The Arduino language is C/C++ based, not Java.

Wasn’t that point made in reply #3 above?

Thank you everybody, your help was appreciated and im glad to know the Arduino community is so welcoming. also for B_Free i recommend reading works by Sartre if philosophy interests you.
again thank you all,

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