A question to Gamers

Starcraft 2 is coming out on the 27th and I have one problem: money.

I absolutly LOOOOOOOOVE collection edition, but the problem is, I’m also interested withing Halo: Reach.

I cannot buy both pricy collection edition (well, partially, I do) One major problem is that I must plan, because when we are on the release date its too late and almost all of the special edition will be out, you need to pre-order.

So my choice are:
Get Starcraft 2 and Halo: Reach
Get Starcraft 2 Collector edition and Halo: Reach
Get Starcraft 2 Collector edition and Halo: Reach Limited Edition


Starcraft 2 and Halo: Reach Limited Edition
Starcraft 2 and Halo: Legendary Edition (it’s a different collector edition, more more pricy, with two differences)

This will be a good occasion to know if there is some hidden Active Gamers over here ;D

I havent been paying much attention to SC2, what is the bonus of the collectors ed?

usually it means some stickers and some goofy swag you wont care about in 6 months, reason I am asking

Yeah, it’s always that, but I like Collectable stuff and special edition stuff ;D

the USB is about 2go I heard.

The Legendary of Reach they only add some sort of statue of the characters and a unique ingame skin, which I don’T give a blam.

but the Collector is interesting for the Journal, since it will be the very last Canon item for the serie that can tell us about the story.

when was the last time a starcraft title was released?

nuff said

M$ will be milking the halo cow till there nothing left…

You might aswell get a regular starcraft copy over starcraft2.
Between the sequal and the original, the original has better gameplay…
Starcraft2 has a more clunky and less snappy interface, and lacks that charm the sprite graphics had. Doesn’t help that some units lost their coolness to making them use more ‘technomagic’ style weapons (ie: siege tank).

In regards to strategy, starcraft is my favourite… closely followed by Universe at War (yes, I know, its a microsoft game… even they can have a fluke I geuss…)

The Halo Reach statue thingie looks rather cool. Though I know that whenever I get anything like that it just gets shelved on release and never looked at again.

I tend to buy games for the game. The only reason to go for collectors is for extra content.