Hi, I've been posting quite some time now in this Arduino forum about my project, mega with CC3000 wifi shield to be connected to my C#/VB.net program. I discovered this AREST API http://www.openhomeautomation.net/arduino-cc3000-rest/ and I was relieved, I thought it will 100% solve my problem. lol.

Now, I've found out that apparently this AREST API doesn't support float data types. Correct me if I'm wrong. and I think I cannot read data from multiple sensors (only 1 I think?).

My questions:

  1. Doesn't it really support float data types?
  2. Can it be used for reading multiple sensors?
  3. Any substitute for this AREST API if ever it doesn't support float and cannot be used in multiple sensors and at the same time passing string from PC to arduino? I was about to like this and then suddenly I discovered its holes.

Please help. I'm quite running out of time in researching :slight_smile: If really my project can used serial/bluetooth, it would be definitely sooo EZ.