A robotic controller with built-in Arduino UNO

I want to introduce a robotic controller to everybody. Features are as follows:

(1) Built-in Arduino UNO R3
(2) Built-in 24 channels PWM-Style servo controller (the latest version of SoftServo controller from Gicren Robotics and Electronics)
(3) Most of the digital and analog ports are extended in JST-PH2.0-3P (Digital ports: 10 / Analog ports:4), which make it easy to connect sensors
(4) The power supply of JST-PH2.0-3P can be selected flexiblely (Digital ports: 5V or Vin / Analog ports: 3.3V or 5V)
(5) The remaining pins for extended applications are led out in headers (pitch:2.54mm 2x14Pin)

And so on,

web site?

Built-in Arduino UNO R3

Do you mean that literally, or do you mean it has the functionality of an Uno?

If the former, well I wonder how you managed to fit it inside there; if the latter, you need to be careful of your wording for copyright reasons.

Arduino is an open source project. It is allowed to do everything(modify,manufacture,and so on) except to use their registered trademark. Arduino UNO is very excellent, famous and popular. I hope the technology of Arduino to be infiltrated as wide as possible. ManShow-RC1 combines servo control system and Arduino UNO together reasonably, which make it easier to control robot(such as humanoid robots, bionic robots and arms). Finally, I appreciate the spirit of open source of Arduino team, and thank them for their contributions.

You didn't answer my question:

Do you mean that literally [Built-in Arduino UNO R3], or do you mean it has the functionality of an Uno?

The internal structure of ManShow-RC1


Built-in Arduino UNO R3

.... is actually not true.

It might be compatible with a Uno, or be in some ways functionally similar, but you didn't actually take an Arduino factory-built Uno and build it in to your product.

daniellyall: web site?

I found this: http://www.gicren.com/

As web sites go, is pretty ummm, shall we say, empty?

1: Properly speaking, ManShow-RC1 is a UNO compatible controller in terms of functionality.

2: Currently, I do not have enough time to build a full website. The existing data are shared on onedrive(Please click the sixth button on the home page, thank you!)

1: Properly speaking, ManShow-RC1 is a UNO compatible controller in terms of functionality.


Then if I were you, I would correct your thread title and original post in this forum, and also at robotshop’s forum because you do not have a “built-in Arduino UNO”.

edit… and you should possibly rethink your product labeling. But I’ll let the copyright holders follow up on all of this…


Arduino UNO is not just a circuit board. It really shows a connection between components, and functions can be achieved. I hope you can agree with me, thank you!

I know exactly what an UNO is, and you don't have one inside your product. At most your product is compatible with an UNO, but it doesn't have the R3 form factor afaics, so it's not that compatible.

My opinion is that you're using the Arduino name improperly, but that's a fight for the Arduino founders not me. Meantime I emailed them about your product and if they have issue with your use of the phrase "built-n Arduino UNO" or not, that's their call.

I'm out....