a sensor or an idea for detect how far a human is moved

hi everyone . i have a simple question . i need a sensor or an idea for detect how far a human is moved . let me explain it :

i want to know how far i am walked
so why i'm not using google maps ???
Because it is not accurate, especially at indoor places

I need an accuracy of about 4 to 20 inches (10 to 50 cm)
I do not know exactly what to do. I know I can not use UltraSonic. So what should I do?

Use a mouse sensor? Problem with taking steps
Use wheels on shoes? I think it is stupid

Do you have an idea / know a specific sensor?

Over what sort of range?

Outdoors, GPS works, but is not that accurate. Indoors, the problem is called "indoor localization", and it is a hard one.

Pozyx works indoors, but is expensive. https://www.pozyx.io/

WPS (WiFi Positing System).
WPS vs GPS - 5 reasons to use WiFi positioning system devices in your business (eelinktech.com)

How far have you moved if you walk up stairs or down stairs?

When you state the 'accuracy' like that you probably know what you mean, but the forum does not.

For instance does your project require that you know how far a human has moved in a full day to an 'accuracy' of 10cm ?

What is the actual application ? If you reveal that its possible the forum will know of possible solutions.

30 feet , 10 meter

Bro don't complicate it . This is for school competition

It does not matter. I mean a simple walk

Consider a simple walk. I mean how much a person is moved by walking. 50 cm by 10 meters.

There must be a simple way to measure it

There doesn't have to be a simple answer to every problem.

To better constrain the problem, it might be helpful if you give a higher level overview of what you're trying to accomplish. You're estimating displacement, but over what time period, in what environment (how big a space), and what bad things happen if the system fails to perform as expected?

Another technology that may be applicable are a footpod accelerometers.

Pick up a pedometer at the local variety store. Less than $10.

WiFi may, or may not, exist? :smiley:

Also, WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) - that's not at all confusing, is it?

Yea, The WiFi access points may not exist, perhaps an area can be ringed with WIFi or if near the right location a WAAS receiver could be used to get LOP. And there is GEONS, GPS-Enhanced Onboard Navigation System (GEONS) | T2 Portal (nasa.gov) but that is going to cost.

a simple walking for blinds (and system is a walking guide !) . and if system fails , they will ran into a tree or ...

hmm... I will definitely try it, If it was available in my country
thank you for your help !

Will that be able to identify when the person walks backward or forward or turns in place?

i'll research and try it. hope it works

gps, wifi, glonass and .... They are all useless for me

Could you say a bit more about why?

for school competitions .