A Short Course in Embedded Systems using Arduino

SimpleX is a short term course in Embedded Systems for those facing time constraints. Its a 10 days x 3hrs course that equips students with strong fundamentals in embedded development. It focuses on software as well as hardware side of embedded systems equipping students with knowledge required to complete their projects on their own.

Dates: OCT19 - OCT30th

Detailed Course Structure

Software Design – 21hrs This section focuses on introducing students to systematic embedded software development using the open-source Arduino environment. Students learn to program microcontrollers and design innovative microcontroller based systems. 1. Overview of Embedded Systems 2. Introduction to Open-Source Arduino IDE 3. Working with Digital I/O's 4. Working with Analog I/O's 5. Working with Communication Protocols – RS232 6. Memory Management 7. Interfacing Devices I – Sensors, Displays, Motors, Relays 8. Working with Timers and Interrupts 9. Interfacing Devices II – GSM, GPS, ZIGBEE 10. Embedded System Architecture & Design 11. Understanding & Developing Human Interaction Interfaces 12. Project – Design a complete Embedded Software Application sticking to design principles

Hardware Design – 9hrs This section focuses on introducing students to designing embedded hardware. Students work hands-on in building a simple functional project board on a general purpose PCB. The session also gives an introduction on using the open-source tool, Fritzing, to design circuits and PCBs from breadboard constructions. 1. Embedded Hardware Overview 2. Power Management – Understanding Power Requirements of the Project 3. Microcontroller Circuitry – Understanding the Basic Requirements 4. Building a Simple Standalone Microcontroller Board 5. Working with Fritzing – Creating Schematics & PCB Designs from Breadboard Circuits

For more information visit http://www.simplelabs.co.in

Cheers, Prakash

Fresh Dates 1st Dec, 8th Dec & 14th Dec