A small hit for Arduino developers about the website about "Audio" library

I'm not sure if this is the right place of the forum, however I point out a small bug in this official Arduino site.

In particular, here:

rate (int) : the sample rate of the sound file. If stereo, double the rate (ex. 44100Khz stereo = 88200).

Obviously it is not 44100Khz but 44100 Hz (capital H and delete the K, or if you prefer to keep in kHz just add the comma in the right place so 44.1 kHz) since we are talking about audio sampling frequency.
And please add the unit of measurement to 88200: what is 88200? potatoes? tomatoes? Hz?

Thank you and best regards,

[Edit]: sorry, I am in the wrong community, now I copy it in the "Website and Forum". I am not able to delete this post from here!

You can use the Report to Moderator link to request that the thread be moved to Audio or Website and Forum.

As it is website related I am leaving it here for the time being.