A solar powered pad that can display some basic info

Hi there,
I just became a member. I would like to make a pad the size of a hand that is solar powered and that can display some basic information. Any suggestion is really appreciated!

One little problem will be the "conditioning" of the power. Clearly, it will only be powered as long as it is illuminated. The problem will be that the supply voltage from the solar cell or battery combination will not switch on and off smartly, but will ramp up and down over significant periods. You will need a reset controller circuit - I do not recall how effectively those on the ATMega chips function.

The Atmel BOD (Brown-Out-Detector) works pretty well as far as I know, if set to an appropriate voltage for the clock speed. The ATtiny line has a BOD as well as the ATmegas.

What kind of display and what voltage of solar cell are you going to use 19october?