A system in the bug

Instead of a bug in the system.

This is interesting and the general design concept might be used to make Arduino based bug robots.


Have they got a tiny library to go with it?

Just imagine the evolution of that bug.
There must have been thousands that didn't have proper wheel alignment.
Just imagine the number of generations that it had to go through to get the gear mesh correct at birth.

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Not so much, but the robotic concept I see is a servo set on each side, synchronized to both twist at the same time. Should make for a very quick joint with extra torque.

I'll take a note.

of what?

He's starting a robot revolution.

My question isn't about the gears.

What's driving them?

EDIT - Looking over the article, it looks like the gears are being used almost like on the end of levers. So a linear motion on one end results in a linear motion on the other, meaning that muscles can drive them.

Many arthropods have muscles on the inside, some also use fluid pressure changes, like hydraulics, to move.

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