A thank you to the community

I just wanted to take a moment before heading to bed, finally, and say thank you very much to the community and the folks here who have helped me with this project. I know it can be frustrating to help new people as often times they don’t know how exactly to ask the right questions and don’t always understand the answers. But thanks to your help, not only do i have a better understanding of programming but my first dabble into electronics. albeit working with manufactured boards built to work with each other isn’t very deep into the subject. anyway, I don’t want to name names as ill forget people, but some of you have spent hours helping me understand certain aspects of the project and work out how to code others. As well as help me find components needed and such.

Tonight i got over my last hurtle, which was making my system read from multiple rfid readers. I have a couple small features to add, but the hard stuff is all functioning properly. I may have wire length issues, but I have even gotten some advice on those as well. If i put the arduino in the middle of the two readers i might actually be within a good range from each node.

so. again. thank you. thousands of people are going to enjoy what I have built, thanks to your help. Below is a link to a video of it working. only one reader is in the shot but it does work with 2. The button in the back connects to the line detecting sensors that will be installed.


thank you