A thread for serious bugs in the new forum

Can you tell us exactly what you tried ?

Use the copy button to copy code from a code box posted in one of the tutorial topics, paste it into the Arduino IDE and try to compile it

An example from Serial Input Basics

Windows 10
Chrome browser
IDE 1.8.13

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Thanks, I guess we tried on the wrong code blocks.

We are able to reproduce the issue with the one that @sterretje mentioned above.

I’m working on a fix. Hang tight.


I am glad you got there
Looking forward to the fix

The fix is cooking :shallow_pan_of_food:

Will soon be deployed here.

I will let you know once it’s available.

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Will the fix go through all the database of legacy post and be applied to all code blocks (if they were corrupted) or is it actually fixing the “copy” button so that it just takes the basic ascii text ?

if you go through all legacy post again, may be it would be good for the script to try to put the images back where they belong too and change the underline tags

(eg my state machine tutorial in French with 31k views looks ugly now, I don’t know what happened to all the images)

@J-M-L , @LarryD also lost lots of images in e.g. Share tips you have come across

I seriously hope they can be recovered and inserted.

The fix is making sure any weird white space character is replaced with a proper white space character when using the copy button.

I’m working on that. Images shouldn’t disappear.

Not sure what you mean by “change”, but underline is not supported in Markdown.


you mean underlining like this is not supported and thus impossible to type ? :slight_smile:

what I mean is that the [u]and [/u] tags that litter posts are looking ugly.

If you think they should not be applied, then change those into bold or just get rid of them. It makes the text cumbersome to read (but I would rather see my original work as it was since it’s technically possible)

[u]still works[/u] still works :slight_smile:

Too late, J-M-L already demonstrated

exactly my point

But not in the quoted text :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

corrected. interesting that Quote will get rid of the tags

Ok, the fix is now deployed :+1:

Thanks for reporting this issue.

I wasn’t clear. Markdown definitely do not support underline. But Discourse does support some BBCode tags.

Your posts look fine to me :wink: Except for the images, which I am fixing…

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thanks !
(did you just fix my post or this applies to all the posts that were using the underline BBCode tag?)

@regis_hanol , stray character fix confirmed with all codes in Serial Input Basics

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There is a background job that is going over all the posts and making sure they are “rebaked” (aka. properly transformed from Markdown/BBCode to HTML).

There is an awful lot of posts so it takes a whiiiile, I just nudged your posts on the top of the list :wink:

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I’m on a Mac (Catalina), using Safari 14.0.3


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Can you still reproduce now that the fix is deployed? :thinking:

That’s cheating :smiley:

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