A thread for serious bugs in the new forum

Ok, the fix is now deployed :+1:

Thanks for reporting this issue.

I wasn’t clear. Markdown definitely do not support underline. But Discourse does support some BBCode tags.

Your posts look fine to me :wink: Except for the images, which I am fixing…

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thanks !
(did you just fix my post or this applies to all the posts that were using the underline BBCode tag?)

@regis_hanol , stray character fix confirmed with all codes in Serial Input Basics

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There is a background job that is going over all the posts and making sure they are “rebaked” (aka. properly transformed from Markdown/BBCode to HTML).

There is an awful lot of posts so it takes a whiiiile, I just nudged your posts on the top of the list :wink:

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I’m on a Mac (Catalina), using Safari 14.0.3


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Can you still reproduce now that the fix is deployed? :thinking:

That’s cheating :smiley:

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Sorry, was just answering the question. It actually does work now on the few tutorials I tested

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As you are at it, it seems that the old BBCode [color=xxx]...[/color] tag is also taken working fine

testing Red
testing Blue
testing Green
testing Purple

but suffers the same fate as the [u] tag as far as I can see in some of my former post

is that something you can address too in the same way?

I just tried a couple of my tutorial code samples and was able to copy and compile them OK so it is looking good

Thanks for the quick response

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Do you have the link for that post?

I used to have a shortcut that was formatting what someone would see on the serial monitor, it would read as such

Serial Monitor (@ 115200 bauds) will show[size=8pt][tt][color=purple]
text goes here

or in French

le moniteur série (à 115200 bauds) affichera[size=8pt][tt][color=purple]
texte ici

I had another one to ask newbies to use code tags, it was

Please correct your post above and add code tags around your code:
[nobbc][/nobbc][tt] [color=blue]// your code is here[/color] [/tt][nobbc][/nobbc].

It should look like this:// your code is here
(Also press ctrl-T (PC) or cmd-T (Mac) in the IDE before copying to indent your code properly)

so I’m sure there are plenty around :slight_smile:

here are a couple

Potentiometer as a keyboard (Leonardo) - #2 by J-M-L

ESP8266 et arduino - #119 by J-M-L

There are other places where I would have used the sub code tag with color too

see >[résolu] eggduino : configuration du moniteur série - #7 by J-M-L

I posted this thread back in February. I do not see a pencil icon to enable editing. The snip below is from the bottom of the initial post of that thread. I am logged in.

new arduino forum post editing

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As far as I’ve been told, there is a preset time limit in which users can edit their posts … :roll_eyes:

  • for users at trust level 0 and 1 it is 1440 minutes (24 hours)
  • for users at trust level 2 or higher it is 43200 minutes (720 hours / 30 days)


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… after this time … a member of the ‘staff’ has to transform the post into WiKi and it becomes editable for everyone (with Trust Level > 0) :open_mouth:

Read HERE :roll_eyes:


I log out from the new forum, then the next day I go to log in and it lets me in without any authentication whatsoever, despite having two-factor authentication set up.

Major security issue?

There are now two separate, but interrelated logins: arduino.cc and forum.arduino.cc. I have found this to result in behavior I didn’t expect from using the old forum.

If you log out of one site, but not the other, then you only need to click the "Log in’ button on the site you’re logged out of to log back in, no authentication required.

But if you log out of both arduino.cc and forum.arduino.cc, then you will need to authenticate when you log in again.

In other words a major security issue. “interrelated logins” to me screams “bug”.

Also the logout button is very well hidden - this is bad.

Unfortunately, I’m not at all knowledgeable on security matters, so I can’t comment either way on that claim. Hopefully someone else here will be able to provide a better response.