A two hour project to use that pesky nuclear waste

Videos to follow in a second post, processing.


Ended up having to kill some time today, so decided to slap a quick project together that was inspired by a video posted recently involving 24 Hz video synced with water falling from a hose, being vibrated at 24 Hz, and produced some cool effects.

I did something a little bit different. While I deal with uploading video, see if you can figure out what's going on....

#include <Servo.h> 
 Servo myservo;  
 int pos = 0;     
 int minpos=70;
 int maxpos=110;
 int posstep=2;
 int seek=10;
 int wid, spd;
 int cent=90;
 void setup() 
myservo.attach(9);  // attaches the servo on pin 9 to the servo object 
 void loop() 
  for(int foo= random(1,11); foo<10; foo++) {
  for(pos = minpos; pos < maxpos; pos += posstep)  
  for(pos = maxpos; pos>=minpos; pos-=posstep)     

And the circuit... hobby servo on pin 9, a couple of caps on the power leads of the servo the cut down the power noise, and a chunk of tubing hotmelt glued to the shaft of the servo. Bucket filled with water with a standard yellow highlighter dissolved in two gallons water, front lit with 2x40w blacklight fluorescent.

Shot through 50mm 1.4 Canon.

I'll write some interesting code for it tomorrow if I get a chance. Not really intending this to be a huge project, just a neat one!

So, it now will come down to some cool sequences rather than the random ones above.. Might have a couple of other cute ideas for it too.

Water oscilloscope? Maybe multitrace, Arduino can easily handle multiple servos!

That's awesome. A larger servo and a high-pressure water blaster could be a fun addition, or a water-misting for wider visual effects. :slight_smile: