A video of my completed LED project!

Thanks in part to the help and guidance I received here on a few key questions, I've almost wrapped up my WS2812B led project. It's "done" in breadboard form and now I need to package it.

It is, in brief, 1000 WS2812B LEDs controlled by an ESP32 and with a TFT local user interface and Web/RESTful API remote interface hosted on an internal web server I implemented on the chip's built-in Wifi, accessible worldwide, along with SPIFFs for file storage. It's overkill for an LED strip, to be sure, but it was for the education!

The built in web server really touches a lot of codepaths... I get to use the WiFi, I set the clock from NTP, I run a web server, I serve images from the SPIFFs storage, so it exercises a lot of features that I got to learn about!

Here's the video... it's the first I ever made, so the production quality isn't great, but I'd take a like/share if I can get it!

Thanks for the help!


Here's the video: "My Shop is on Fire! with WS2812B Strips"

PS: For whatever reason, even though I uploaded 1080p, it doesn't always default to HD playback so be sure to pick the settings icon and click "HD" for a much better picture.