A way to recover YUN uboot ?


I want to play with code of uboot in yun and I guess I will regularly brick the board. What kind of external tool I can use to re-install a working uboot file ?



I believe you have to physically un-solder the flash chip and use a spi programmer, not something I want to attempt!!

I have seen posts on other AR9331 system's user forums about this. Apparently the AR9331 outputs do not go tristate when it is held in reset which complicates the flashing in place.

This gives more info: http://8devices.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=736

Thanks for your answer !

Actually, it seems quite complicated to recover from a non functional u-boot. I do not see neither a way to check a u-boot binary without flashing it. Is there any ?


Few reasons for people to change uboot or modify it:

  1. Put 2*16 MiB flash memory by select CS pins of them to make which one active, Now you could have dual boot Yun.
  2. Upgrade 16 MiB flash memory to 32 MiB Flash, now we have double space.
  3. Change Uboot for new function such like httpd which allow update firmware via browser.
  4. Change CPU AR9331 clock speed, OverClocking or UnderClocking.
  5. Change Mac address of network interface.

The list could be very long and could be a lot of fun to change uboot...