A Wee Problem

When I try to compile a sketch to my board, I get the following error.

Binary sketch size: 1124 bytes (of a 14336 byte maximum) avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51

I checked for cold joints and the only status that comes out of my SparkFun Wee is a Continuous status light and the Power light. When I plug it in the status led blink quickly for a half second and then is off or three. Then, it stays on. I installed the FTDI COM Drivers and my Computer Recognizes it.

Are you sure you're selecting the right serial port in the IDE? With my FTDI cable, the serial port only shows up in the list if it's already plugged in.

With my Pro Mini I was getting errors, (can't remember if they're the same as yours or not), and the most successful way for me to upload sketches was to hold the reset button in, start the upload and immediately release the button, (within a second or two of starting the upload).

Might be worth a try.

Hey Dave AK,

That seemed to work like a charm. Thanks!

(Now I can make my hand held synth system w/ oled display and arduino!!!)

BTW : It takes like 2 minutes to load the sketch. Does this happen to you?

Well I’m only working with really small sketches at the moment, so I doubt it takes more than a few seconds to upload them. It seems noticeably slower than the Sanguino I was using, but nothing that concerned me.

Only thing I noticed with mine is that without autoreset and the fairly long pause while the firmware waits at each boot, each cycle is noticeably longer than with, say, a diecimilla. But not two minutes...

Precisely my problem, but holding the reset button (s1?) doesn't work. It still gives me the same response. Any other suggestions?

You must hold it before you press the upload sketch and continue to do so until it finishes.

Ah, I've never done it that way. :-?

I usually just blip the button right at the beginning and let go immediately. Never had any issues with sketches loading and never had a two minute wait.

Any particular reason you hold the button down?