A whine thing some characters to make the title 15 characters

So I read about 25 or so posts in a topic and I want to get back to the top of the board to get to nice menus to do another thing.

Could there be a floating “Back to the Top” link thingy? Scrolling up 25 messages is not done very well.

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@pert .

I agree that this would be of great benefit and a superb addition to the wonky slider.
Thoughts ?

OK so to expand. The slider would have a “go to the top”, “go to the middle”, and a “go to the bottom” button thingy.

A back to the top thingy on the slider bar, which is not all that good for getting to the top or bottom of a page, would be a grand addition to the web site.

Try clicking on the isolated date above the slider


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OI. That works great and it also works for the bottom.

Thank you.

Correct, and you can click on the title too.

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