A wideband o2 sensor project using arduino uno

I would like to use my arduino uno to display AFR from a wideband o2 sesnsor I would like to know how I could do this.. I done need it to record the data.. I would just like it to display the AFR readout.. I don't want it connected with the ECU or any thing I want it to be an independent external unit :) any help all be much appreciated

What is AFR? What kind of O2 sensor? Part number? Datasheet?

What context are you using this in?

Thanks for your reply .. AFR stands for air fuel ratio.. And as for the wide band sensor I have no particular one in mind as of yet .. I want to use it on a carburetoted motorcycle..

this is actually pretty easy.
the hard part is determining which wires to use on the o2 sensor. if you cant find a datasheet

the ones you are interested in are:

12v power - usually red but not always this needs to go to 12v from the vehicle

Ground - usually black this needs to be grounded on the bike and to the arduino ground

0-5v sensor - usually white but make sure. you don’t want to fry your arduino.

there will be 1 or 2 wires left over that you won’t need.

once you have found the right wires the sensor wire can be attached to a analog input pin on the arduino then you can read the pin and either use the reading to control an LED bar graph or convert it to display voltage on a lcd.

I would use a protection circuit between the sensor wire and the arduino just for peace of mind.

He is refering to a wideband sensor,not a narowband.
A wideband controller is a pretty complex peice of equipment.
I doubt if you could do it with an Arduino and most of the good one use a specific chip designed by Bosch,who also makes the majority of the sensors.
If you are lookin for a reasonably priced controller which has received favorable reveiws, Google Spartan lambda controller.

detown: He is refering to a wideband sensor,not a narowband.

Well it looks like I am very much out of date :sleeping: and the technology moved right on past me while I wasn't lookin. :confused: