A2d inputs over serial to pc

I was looking at the example Serial Call and Response (handshaking)
and noticed the author of the code dividing by 4 to send a2d values over a serial connection. Why would you want to cut your resolution from 1024 to 255? I hope i would not be constrained because of the limit of the asc table values. Would I?

Perhaps precision was not that important for the author, so he divided by 4 to cram the reading into one byte of data (as a byte can only hold values betwenn 0 and 255). That way he can transmit double the amount of readings in the same time as if he transferred integers (which would be available to hold the 0-1023 value, but are worth 2 bytes in size).

So how do you send the entire two bytes over the serial port?
I haven’t found any examples on this.

google “arduino oscilliscope” for an example of an app that sends 10 bit data to a pc application(written in Processing)…

What are you catching it with on the PC?

Just use an INT variable, read the ADC and into it and output it using Serial.print(x, DEC); which squirts it out as a direct decimal reading which your computer can act on. as INT can handle much more than 1024 values, you’ll get the full resolution of the ADC.