A4988 short circuit

I don't know what is happening but the board is currently just shorting my GND and VMOT pins.
It's a laboratory power supply (so regulated very well) and I put a capacitor across those pins too against spikes.
I can screw on the Ampere knob and it will short it the whole time. I also checked now without the heatsink on, it's still shorting.
What can I do?
It's also not the chip being the problem. The chip mainly stays cool while I'm putting power on it, however most of the rest of the board gets warm.

Check for shorting solder blobs on the motor controller pcb or header pin connection.

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There's no blobs in sight. The pcb is well made and soldered.
Woops, sorry for that mistake.

I would disconnect every thing from your A4988 board.

Verify you are connecting the correct pins. The board markings are on the bottom of the board, sometimes things get reversed when the board is flipped right side up.

Connect the board ground to your power supply ground.
Connect VMOT to a small resistor 500 to 1000 or so (to limit current and not damage the board. Set the power supply to 8 to 9 Volts. See if it is still shorted.

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Can you please post some good closeup pictures of both sides of your A4988?

Thanks.. Tom... :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

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