A4990 Pin Question

Hey everyone. My question is in regards to input 2 and input 4 on the A4990 driver from Pololu. It states these 2 pins are " Inverted control inputs. What exactly does this mean. Can't seem to find an explanation of it anywhere. I'm wanting to control (2) 1/2in. CR05 motorized ball valves with this driver. 12v 80ma each with bi-directional capability. Originally I was going to use the L298N but due to comments here on this forum I decided to go with a more efficient driver. Not sure how those pins will effect my project or if I need to use a different driver.

Link to the driver: Pololu - A4990 Dual Motor Driver Carrier

Inverted usually means you pull the pin to ground (0 volts, LOW true logic) instead of applying a + voltage (HIGH true). And you may or may not need a pullup resistor to maintain the HIGH state until it's pulled LOW to activate.
EDIT: From the Pololu link, looks like the pullups are built in so you only need to pull the pins LOW to activate.
Good choice over the "old-timey" L298, much more efficient.

Thanks for your quick response. Going to go ahead and order a pair to start playing around with and learning the code to build my project. Thanks again!