A6 GPRS connects to my website but not to other pages of it

Hello ! So, I have an A6 GSM/GPRS module (the pro version https://bit.ly/2XX6Ts9). Well the story goes like this, I have managed to establish an GPRS connection the website that I have made but the problem comes when I want to connect to other pages from the website. For example if I would want to connect to google.com it would work but if I want to connect to google.com/something
it returns an error that it was unsuccessful in connecting to the given page. Any ideas are welcome I will try all of them. Thank you !

P.S. Commands that I am using AT+CGATT?AT+CGATT=1AT+CIPSTATUSAT+CGDCONT=1, "IP", "live.vodafone.co - Pastebin.com

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