A7 GPS / GPRS working in Arduino Nano, but How i can update firmware?


We are working with A7 GPS/GPRS Module connected with Arduino Nano, but i can see a new firmware http://bibis.ai-thinker.com/_media/gprs/firmware/firmware_upgrade.7z but the offical web site there is not instructions for flash this firmware, somebody can give me a hand for this?

Thanks in advance Pablo

Unfortunately I can’t read Chinese and they have not yet provided an English-language version of that page.

I would recommend downloading the manuals, datasheets, and software provided on that page (ALL of them) and looking through them to see if any of them have firmware update instructions.

Hi Jhon!

Well Electrodragon store reply my question, here the url, the bad news is the tool ProductLineToolV9.00.02_20150508.zip perhaps is corrupt, i attached a english version, translating by google by hand.



Instruction, see images.pdf (239 KB)