AAPT has more Arduino workshops now

The American Association of Physics Teachers now has more than one workshop on arduino during the summer meeting. This is a progress. For anyone interested in teaching with arduino, it would be great if you can present arduino in your local/regional/national/intl. meetings so that people in your discipline can start to use arduino as in physics. I was co-hosting an arduino workshop with an open source physics laboratory apparatus and got overwhelming positive responses. People need to know the existence of arduino.

So I had a show of hands during my presentation with question: “how many of you have heard of Arduino?” Most raised their hands. This is very promising. A couple years back I would not expect this amount of awareness of Arduino in the physics teaching community. Next year I will be hosting a workshop with my open source physics laboratory platform based on Arduino. Here is a little of fame:

AAPT 2013 apparatus competition winner and low cost winner.

Next year will be 3 Arduino workshops. I wonder if other fields are following closely or not.