ABC - Arduino Basic Connections


It's available in alpha version a new search engine: ELSE the address is

In this way it's possible to find the right cards with a simple search ;)

It works. Great! :slight_smile:

Looks like we'll need to brush up on our Latin though 8)

But seriously, that's excellent. I just tested "infra" and got info on IR emitter and sensor.

okay, I have added some 'features: D

Now it has the suggestion function : ie: I use a library that will be purchased shortly

it can be funny: ie: It is based on a database and will grow with time

I have added profanity system: ie: You are free to let off steam :grin:

Does the calculations, for example:*2 just precede the calculation with equal for example =10*2+(10*2)

I added this feature to use as a link, for example: The sintax is: to ask

In the near future I will add all my pinouts [u]with the ability to interrogate them[/u]

Features that will be added soon: the electronics calculators, it will be possible for example to make queries of this type: ?10K resitor colors, or ?brown,red,brown resistor value, or ?10k||10k parallel resistor calc... In addition, all of the research will be extended to the code samples.

I hope come useful to someone...

Now search engine also searches pinouts :D

I just had a look on the "A simple RS485 Node" slide, and I got the impression that there must be something wrong with the jumpers J1 and J2: If open, they completely disconnect the A and B lines. Maybe they are meant to shorten and bypass the 56R resistors, but shurely they don't.

Maybe someone can have a second look at it.


I agree.

Removing JP1 and JP2 would stop it working, in fact removing either jumper would stop it working.

I don't have any experience of RS485, but I suspect you are correct that the jumpers are supposed to be in parallel with the resistors.

However I did a quick bit of research ,e.g googling "RS485 56 ohms" and it didn't turn up many useful results, apart from this

Where the article seems to suggest that the 56 Ohm resistors are not used on more modern RS485 devices.

I also had a quick look in the data sheet for the IC However can't find anything about using 56 ohms in series with the lines, for nodes in the middle .

So perhaps some expert on RS485 can comment on these resistors and whether they are even necessary?

Yes! I saw and fix the card. Sorry again

New ELSE functions ELSE

sintax: ?R**

sintax: ?R**
?R Marron Rosso Marron
?R Rosso,Rosso,Rosso
?R Red.Red.Red
?R Rojo Negro Rojo

Resistors in Series
sintax: ?SR*…*
?SR1K 1K 1K
?SR1K2 330
?SR1M 1M 1M

Resistors in Parallel
sintax: ?PR*…*
?PR1K 1K 1K
?PR1K2 330
?PR1M 1M 1M

Capacitors in Series
sintax: ?SC*…*
?SC100n 100n 100n
?SC1100nf 100nf
?SC100n 100nf 100NF

Capacitors in Parallel
sintax: ?PC*…*
?PC100n 100n 100n
?PC1100nf 100nf
?PC100n 100nf 100NF

If you want you can use the functions that I have created to display resistors or capacitors on the fly :smiley:
for example:

HTML Code: <img url=">
Forum Code: [img width=100][/img]



HTML Code: <img url=">
Forum Code: [img][/img]


or even different sizes:

HTML Code: <img width=100px url=">]<img width=100px url=">]<img width=100px url=">
Forum Code: [img width=100][/img] [img width=100][/img] [img width=100][/img]



Take a resistance of  [img width=100][/img] and put it in series with a [img width=100][/img]

Take a resistance of and put it in series with a

Logically, the same thing you can do it with capacitors! :grin:

You may like to consider doing a system for resistors with 4 color bands for the value, not including the tollerance.

E.g. 1k0

Is now

Brown black black brown

My local electronics supplier only sells resistors using 4 color bands

Hi! love the cards,had a look through them all and ordered a DS lite touch screen+adapter for about 3 dollar:) Could you label what the pins do on the DS touch screen? X+, X-, Y+ and Y- ? or wiring?

Anyway! In order, with cards being tagged in [ ] brackets:

You might want to add the term "Pull up resistor" to [pushbutton to GND] and "Pull down resistor" to [pushbutton to 5v]

In [Pushbutton to 12v], i think the text bubble for the capacitor could read "Add a capacitor to reduce interference" , no plural needed?

In [Optocoupled input] you might want to add states for the IN pin, like you did with Pushbutton to GND

In [Connect a CT sensor] ,You could change the title to Non-invasive current sensor

In [A vibration sensor] Can you use those small black buzzers?

in [Connect a IR sensor] , I've used IR sensors but never needed the resistors

In [Infrared emitter] the diode is the wrong way around, cathode and anode need to be flipped.

Love what you are doing! Keeping these on my thumbdrive as extra lookup info and printed several of your pinouts and hung them on my walls ;) .

Finally, the website is online :grin: http:///

Hi pighixxx,

As an absolute newcomer I can only stand in awe of your contribution, this has helped me immensely and as the saying goes ' A picture paints a thousand words'.

I have only one question,



I never took any notice of this until today - I had assumed with 13 pages it was just a long pointless discussion that had wandered miles from its original purpose.

Full marks. It is excellent. I have bookmarked your website.


your works are awesome. :o :o :o

Just landed on this forum and I've just found this awesome tool.

Thanks for your efforts.

Great Job! These diagrams are incredibly useful. Any update on when the Sketches will be available again?

Thanks pighixx


Could anyone tel me what kind of capacitor I can use for the project below ?

Thanks in advance !

Hi. 100uF is an electrolytic. a 16V rated or 10V rated capacitor will do. the 100nF or 0.1uF, can be polyester or metal film.

Tom.... :)