ABC - Arduino Basic Connections


in your zip You saved the small version of the drawings! If you click on a card will be displayed the 150dpi version.

for example for card 100 the direct link for small version is: [u]and the 150dpi version is[/u]:

Thank @pighixxx

I'll try to script up a download of the high res versions and zip them for any one interested.

I may just put them all in one PDF. I'll see how it goes



I've managed to convert the 150 dpi versions to one PDF doc but its 13Mb and the forum keeps timing out while I'm trying to upload :-(

If someone wants it I could put it somewhere else e.g. github

Edit. If anyone wants it.

Its on github

wish all the pictures also would be on github, so it would be easier to update when changes are done.

Is this an remake of the book?

rogerClark: Its on github

Thank you! :)

No worries

Shame there is no index, but the individual files are just numbered 100.png to 222.png

If someone want to type the titles and post it, I could have a go at creating a PDF that had an index

rogerClark: If someone want to type the titles and post it, I could have a go at creating a PDF that had an index

I asked for the PDF, so guess I should type it up!

(will have it done today) XD

Hi n00b

No worries / pressure.

I don't have time to do it myself, (I'm already at work)

I asked for the PDF, so guess I should type it up!

I think the plans of the OP is to have this in some form, maybe as a book offering.

Yes. The OP has plans to do this, he replied,

But he also posted that I had not used high resolution images in my zip file, and said I should use the 150dpi files.

So I presume he doesn't have an issue with the files being zipped or packaged as a PDF. The OP also said

It will, as always, completely free of charge

They are PNG files, inside the PDF so are not as high quality as would be achieved if the OP had posted individual PDF's

I'm not trying to tread on anyone's toes, and I don't think the OP has a problem with us repackaging this work in progress

Light a LED
Two LEDs
Bicolor LED
Multiple Cluster or LED strip
Decoder/Demultiplexer 74HC238
RGB (Common Cathode)
RGB (Common Anode)
LED Strip
Decade Counter (4017)
LED Array
Shift Register 74HC595
Connect multiple 74HC595
Controlling LED matrix displays with the MAX7219
Connect Multiple MAX7219
Connect multple TLC5940
Pushbutton to GND
Pushbutton to 5V
Using Internal pullup
Pushbutton to 12V
Simple Debouncer
Debouncing a Pushbutton
Multiple Buttons (using 1 analog input)
Emulating button presses
Optocoupled Input
Pushbutton to 3V3 tolerant pins
Connect an encoder (internal pullup)
Connect an encoder
Debouncing a Rotary Encoder
Connect a Keypad
Connect a Keypad (with interrupt)
Connect a Keypad (using 1 analog input)
Conect a PS2 device
Keyboard scan codes
Optocoupled Input (AC Input)
A simple water level sensor
A simpe rain sensor
Connect a Thumbwheel switch
Connect a Potentiometer (or Trimmer)
Connect a Photoresistor
Connect a Rotary switch
Connect a Rotary switch (using 1 analog input)
Connect a Diverter
Connect a Diverter (using 1 analog input)
A water level sensor
Multiplexing 8 potentiometers
Connect 8 difital inputs via SPI
Connect multiple 74HC165
Connect a Digital Potentiometer (MCP4161)
Use a Photoresistor as digital ON/OFF signal
Connect a DS Touchscreen
Connect a Relay
Conect a Relay (Optoisolated)
Connect a Lamp (DC LOW Voltage)
Connect a Mosfet
Connect a DC Motor
Connect a Solenoid
Connect a Computer Fan (3 Wire)
Connect a Computer Fan (4 Wire)
Buffer Out
Connect a DAC
Connect a CT Sensor
Current Sensor
Measuring DC current (With LT1495)
Voltage Measurement
Connect a RTD Temperature Sensor
Connect a LM35 Temperature Sensor
Connect a LM35 Temperature Sensor (Full range scale application)
Connect a TMP36 Temperature Sensor
Connect a DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor
Connect a MCP9600 Temperature Sensor
Connect a Thermocouple
Connect a Gas Sensor
A Vibation Sensor
Connect a DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor
A Sound Sensor
Connect a Buzzer
Connect a Buzzer (With Transistor)
A 1 transistor Audio Amplifier
Audio Amplifier
Connect an Audio Amplifier
Connect a Microphone
Connect a Microphone (Advanced)
Connect to Composite Video
Connect to VGA
Zero crossing detect
Connect a Triac
Connect a Servo
Connect a IR Sensor
Connect a IR Emitter
Bi-Directional Voltage Level Converter 33V to 5V
Bi-Directional Voltage Level Converter 33V to 5V (with Voltage Divider)
A simple TTL/CMOS Converter
TTL/CMOS Converter (6 Ports)
Connect a SD Card (Simple)
Connect a SD Card (Advanced)
SD Card Pinout
A Simple Serial interface
RS232 Pinout
Connect 2 MPU’s
Protect a I/O Pin
MDI Interface
A simple DMX interface
Driving multiple MIDI Outputs
Connect a SHARP GP2Y0A21 Distance Sensor
A simple RS485 Node
DIY Board
Simple 5V Power Supply
Simple 3V3 Power Supply
Connect a RTC
Conect a EEPROM
Hitachi 44780 Compatible pinout
Connect a LED Hitachi 44780 Compatible
Connect a LED Hitachi 44780 Compatible via 12C
Control LCD Backlight
7 segments display
Connect a Nokia LCD

arduino_basic_connections_by_pighixxx.txt (3.12 KB)

Wow that was quick

Bi-Directional Voltage Level Converter 3.3V to 5V
Bi-Directional Voltage Level Converter 3.3V to 5V (with Voltage Divider)

Cards 195/196.png mentioned above schematically show a 2N7000 N-channel FET but the device pin out incorrectly show the leads as a bipolar with EBC.

OK. As promised here are the existing images as a PDF with an index from the text supplied by n00b (images by pigxxxh)

Thanks, works like a charm!

Thanks, works like a charm!


Actually it was a bit more complicated to do than I'd imagined, which is why it took me a while to find time to do it.

I had to write a VB macro to read all the texts and images into MS Word and then create a table of contents in Word and finally Publish to PDF ;-)

Hi i have saved all the images as a PDF in landscape format with no index... and all png in a zip file: Have fun...


I guess I need to make the indexed version but landscape instead of portrait

Hi all! Within a short I publish new cards:

resistors, capacitors, how to read an electronic scheme, how to use a breadboard, and the first ten cards to breadboard.

Stay tuned :D

A little preview: