ABC book question

I want to order this book, from this site:

seems ok, but because I see the date for "estimated delivery" is set to "September 2017" and today is November I want to ask if the site is reliable and is safe to order.

It is at least his second go...

He has an account on this forum. You could try sending him a personal message.

He has a web site. You could try contacting him through that.

He has a twitter feed. You could try contacting him through that.

You'r talking about the author of the book? Who is "he"?
The first link is about the first release of the book? What is his account in the forum? How can I send a massege to him and from where is the best to order the book?

Most / all of those questions can be answered by following any of the various links on this thread.

I am starting to suspect you are not making any effort (or are struggling with written English).

And maybe you can go here to talk to him/her. here......

basically I want to order the book

so, can I order it from the site I mentioned?

And maybe you can go here to talk to him/her.

It is a him, I met him at the first Rome Maker Faire and he showed me his prototype book. Nice chap but does not speak much English he is Italian.

So yes I suppose you can order it from that site.

ok, but is the site secure to send card details to it and how log will take for the delivery and with which method?

If it says in the url when it comes to pay https the it is a secure web site.
Delivery time no idea ask them.

These are questions that should be directed to the site not us. All we can say is that on past experance the guy is genuine.

I don’t know what more you want from an open forum.