Ability to block users

really need the ability to block users you dont want posting on your threads.

Can't you do that in "preferences"?

@secretreeve it's here:

many thanks

You're welcome

Can you give a link to a topic ? What has turned so bad that you want to block someone ?

Probably this one and this one- the guy made unsubstantiated accusations, and refused to apologise for them, so now I'm ignoring his posts.

It always seemed unbalanced to me that there is a "like" button but no corresponding "dislike" button. Those seeking to banish tiresome users from their view will also be disappointed by the meager facilities offered by the forum software. This is restricted to suppressing notifications from such users and little else.

I agree absolutely.

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Github has a thumbs up and thumbs down. That is not too offensive.
In the Netherlands we have tweakers.net that can vote -1 to +3.

I would get a lot of dislikes, but after a few years my opion was not so bad.
Paul Stoffregen wrote that my strong words and accusatory tone was not helping, but this is me being super soft and gentle.

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