Able to drive a 48V motor?

Hi people, I am new to Arduino and i have a project going on. I am playing to use a Arduino Uno together with an ethernet Arduino Shield. I had also bought 3 motors which are 48V. I do not have much information yet and waiting for the supplier's reply.

I had tried searching through the internet but did not manage to find any useful information on it. May i know if the Arduino Uno is capable to drive a 48v Motor (3 motors for my case) and if there is any ways of controlling the directions and speed of the motor.

Thanks in advance for the helps!

Yes, and arduino can control such a motor. However it requires a H-drive motor driver board that will supply the needed voltage and current the motor requires, the arduino just uses it's output pins to control the H-drive for direction and speed. You do need to find out what the maximum current draw is for your motor so you can select the proper motor drive board compatible for your motor.

Here are two good sources for H-drive board, although there are many other also.