Ableton Live Led Matrix

Heyo everyone

We're working on a prototype for a light show with a friend, and here is the result.

Cheers ^^

Really nice work melka!! ;)

Why do plan to use PIC instead of Arduino?

Thanks ^^

In fact, I'd like to go with arduino all the way, but this project is for a friend of mine, it's part of his final year project in electronics school, and they have to use PIC controllers. This was just a proof of concept we worked on, and now, he'll have to work on all the electronics side while I'll be working on the Processing code.

Very nice!

Gave loads of ideas about how to sex up my own live performance!

Hi larsby Nice to see it gave some ideas ^^ I'm don't want to release the source code right now as it's not fully implemented and finished (see the "Serial protocol how-to" in the FAQ section) but as soon as I have a valid solution (might take a while) I'll release some parts of it. Feel free to send me a PM if you need some help.

You made it to the Make blog:

Congratulations ;)

sweet nice led matrix, I want to do a led matrix to show some stats of my linux box :p

good luck with your project