Ableton - Receive OSC commands with Arduino

Hello community,

I need your help in order to acomplish my project. :roll_eyes:

I want to make a little sketch which is able to received OSC commands from Ableton Live. I use the new Max4Live devices “connection-kit” (See attached picture).

I also use OSC library and trying to run “UDPReceive” example (custom code attached).GitHub - CNMAT/OSC: OSC: Arduino and Teensy implementation of OSC encoding

Board : Arduino Uno
Ethernet shield : W5500 (from Aliexpress connected to SPI pins 10/11/12/13)

I dind’t change Mac adress of ethernet shield. Where can I verify that ?
I also suspect Arduino’s IP adress.
What is correct adress from “ipconfig” command ? (see attached note)

Thank you for your help

UDPReceive_OSC.ino (2.24 KB)

ipconfig.txt (3.26 KB)