About Accessories for Android


You know Arduino Mega ADK including Android application for USB connection. For example ArduinoBlinkLED including this accessory ;

USB Usb;
ADK adk(&Usb, "TKJElectronics", // Manufacturer Name
"ArduinoBlinkLED", // Model Name
"Example sketch for the USB Host Shield", // Description (user-visible string)
"1.0", // Version
"http://www.tkjelectronics.dk/uploads/ArduinoBlinkLED.apk", // URL (web page to visit if no installed apps support the accessory)
"123456789"); // Serial Number (optional)

My question is;

I want to use Arduino YUN or any Arduino WiFi Shield for "direct WiFi communication with Android applications". Not USB, only direct WiFi..How can I do, or which accessories can be use for this application? Thank you..

I don't know if you already have a solution, but maybe this can help. Maybe not for you, maybe for someone else.

If you don't minder using Bluetooth instead of wifi,
You can use Bluetooth module HC-05 (BT to serial) in combinatie with MIT-Appinventor.

With this program you can send en receive data from your arduino to your Android Phone and backwards.

I hope this can be a solution for you.

  • Jordo