about adruino software installation(port problem)

Hi everybody ,

I have recently ordered an Arduino uno R3 kit and it's on the way , meanwhile i am trying to install the software ver 1.6.5 and prepare it for use , everything was fine , i downloaded it and i tried to write a piece of code and verified it successfully. I have choosen the board to uno. but when i clicked on "Tools" i noticed that the "port" option is unselectable (it's grayed out). I have searched in control panel for "LPT and ports" section and i didn't find it , instead there's a "Human Interface Devices" and the mouse port (for ex) is written that way :" Port_#0002.Hub_#0005 " (no COMx ports) , so how i am supposed to install the driver and select the port here for arduino ? will the Tools > port option be selectable as soon as i install the driver ?

(I use windows 7 in my Toshiba laptop)


I think that you have to have the arduino connected to the laptop before it will show up.

will it show as COMx or Port_#000x.Hub_#000x ?

Once it is connected, AND drivers are installed, then and only then will there be a COMx port available to choose.

The same goes for any other hardware - you wouldn't see any printers listed anywhere if you hadn't connected a printer to your computer yet either.