about alternative resistors to speakers

Hi! I got another problem about kinds of variable resistors which I used a flex sensor replace a pot to speakers.

the point of things is that a flex sensor of its resistor’s num gets start from 10K to 22K~ , and a pot which I chose be fixed 0 to 10K.
How do I calibrate the flex sensor of its resistor’s num in zero like a pot doing? or maybe offset it?

Cause I want to using it control the volume of sound and that seems not to get work, just a few low. :-[

Someone can get me a way to solve that. I appreciate it! :’(

Are you trying to put the flex sensor in line with the speaker? If so that will not work because the normal resistance range is too high to be used with an audio signal to a speaker.

Really?! Which way would that be or nothing? :cry:

Mike! Thanks for your reply!