About, Andromina robot v.1.2. A rover with 4 directional wheels using Arduino.

Hi. In this post I show the Andromina robot v.1.2 which it is controlled to a IR remote control of a TV PHILIPS. The robot has the basic configuration, with an Arduino UNO board, a proto shield modified with a voltage regulator of 5v, a motor board and a IR remote control. In this configfuration the robot sketch is a bit complex and we can add a lot of movements and functions. In the sketch, we have set preset buttons with a maneuver or buttons for example to accelerate or turn the robot.

Video about robot : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqQfFMaAe2w

More information : http://androminarobot-english.blogspot.com.es/

Hi. In this post, you can see Andromina robotic gripper to manipulate a large object. This gripper is manufactured with a 3D printer, Prusa I3. The printer uses ABS plastic. The different 3D parts of grippers are assembled with stainless steel bolts of DIN-912 M-3 Allen bolts.

[u]The main features of these robotic grippers are :[/u]

1-The gripper can be connected directly to all Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards or any other board.. The boards don't need shields. We can use the standard pins of Arduino. 2-The gripper allows two degrees of freedom, the opening and closing of jaws, and the rotation of the gripper. 3-The gripper uses two RC standard servo motors. One servo rotates between 0 to 180 degrees and the other servo is a 360 degrees servo. 4-The gripper allows the manipulation of large objects, with an size of 77mm. 5-The microswitch of the gripper designates the closing of the jaws.

You can see this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jyY9WAVBCg

For more information : http://androminarobot-english.blogspot.com.es/

In this post I show the Andromina robot v.1.2

Somewhat similar to the below bot.


Yes, similar wheel system. Nice robot and very good system.

Hi, Zoomkat. Do you know other similar robots? I need ideas for a new design.

New design to other Andromina Robot "ON-ROAD" model.

See this post: