About arduino 2.0.0x series

I am glad that arduino has developed its software. it is perfect. just one thing. hw many beta versions will be their , and has auto update option been enabled?because i Am using beta 9 and will install latest version after it is out of this beta state

@pert , Any help? you only helped me solve topics

There will be beta versions until there are no more know bugs (or at least significant bugs).

Asking how many is akin to asking someone how long will it take to find your keys.

I'm not trying to be sarcastic.

ok! but has been auto update enabled in latest version?

@arunav1, your topic has been moved to the dedicated IDE 2.0 beta section on the forum.

No. The missing check for updates feature is being tracked here:

ok so juust(really JUST) tell me your expectancies when the coder will be free from bugs and in whihc version of the beta status

There will always be bugs in any complex piece of software.

If you are only seeking a stable tool for your everyday Arduino development work, then use the latest production release version of the Arduino IDE (currently 1.8.16).

The beta releases of the Arduino IDE 2.x are intended to offer the community the opportunity to participate in the early stages of creating what will surely become one of the cornerstones of the Arduino ecosystem for many years to come. High quality feedback, including bug reports and feature requests, from the users of the beta releases of Arduino IDE 2.x is very valuable and welcome. However, you can't really do that effectively if you are using an outdated beta release such as 2.0.0-beta.9. So, even though it may be that regressions have been introduced alongside the advancements made since then, I still think that if you are going to be using the beta release version, then you should be using the latest (currently 2.0.0-beta.12), or even better the latest nightly build.

thanks!support from my side is always there for you all

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