About bootloading atmega88

I’m trying to make something standalone but the atmega328 is on short supply. I know this has been asked dozen times but digging through the posts I found little information as nobody is using atmega88 anymore. To not disturb the development board with old/repeat question, I’m posting my question here: ;D

Here is my question: can I bootload atmega88 with the duemilanove bootloader? Just using arduino as ISP, like clock works, right? Then choose Duem board in IDE and watch the total compiled size not to exceed 8KB. I’ve never done any bootloading before. :-[

nobody is using atmega88 anymore

No one ever used the 88; the old arduinos used the mega8.

The duemilanove bootloader will be compiled at the wrong location to run on the 88. (the bootloader sits at the top of flash memory, which is a different address on an 8k part than a 16k part.) The existing mega8 bootloader won’t work right on an 88 (the uart is different, plus more.)

The optiboot sources have an 88 build option, but I think it would end up “not lying”, leading the bootloader to report being on an 88 and confusing the IDE (which wants to see a 168 or 328.)

I don’t have an 88s. things still work OK on the mega8 (almost including the latest optiboot source.)

thanks westfw. Would ATTINY2313 be wirth the trouble either?

I think the mega88 would be significantly easier than a tiny2313; and it probably isn’t “hard”, it’s just not “trivial.”

(It wouldn’t surprise me to find an existing mega88/Arduino tutorial, for instance.)

Would ATTINY2313 be wirth the trouble either?

The 2313 has only 2K Flash. It will be very difficult to squeeze a bootloader and a Sketch into that space.

Thanks guys. I’ll just wait till next February for the atmega328 then.