about digital pin resistor


I'm using ADC chip ADS830 and have a question.

I connect 8 digital pin of ADS830 to arduino due with 3.3v but, Could I have to add resistor to this? I is working without resistor so does arduino can handle of this or another reason to not add resistor?

Or not adding resistor is not good at arduino due?

I'm using ADC chip ADS830

What voltage are you powering this chip with?

If it is 5V then you need two resistors on each line in a potential divider format to keep the outputs from exceeding the 3V3 supply voltage of the Due.

Use a 330R series resistor to connect the two and then a 1K resistor on the input of the Due to ground. This is needed for all outputs on the ADS830 not any inputs.

If the ADS830 is being powered by 3V3 then no resistors are required.

The ADS830 seems to be a 5volt only chip, but it's output stage can be set to output 5volt or 3.3volt logic. (Vs pin for power, VDRV pin for output logic). Leo..