About double and int64_t

I'm porting a streaming JSON reader from C# to the Arduino platform. It uses no heap, and does not load entire documents into memory. It is a pull parser.

I know it will run on an ESP32 but do any of the arduinos support double and int64_t?

I think this is more of an IDE question rather than a CPU/MCU question. Atmel Studio with Atmega328P (same CPU as the UNO) happily compiles with double and int64_t data types.

In an Arduino double and float are the same thing.

On a Sam platform (e.g. Arduino DUE) a double is a double float on 8 bytes, unlike an AVR platform where a double float is a float.

Search in the DUE sub forum for example sketches to deal with big numbers (uint64_t, int64_t, double) when it comes to Serial print. Note that a double provides up to 15 decimals accuracy unlike the 7 decimals accuracy of a float.

Thanks folks. Collectively this answers my question.

I'm not positive, but I'd check the teensy line. Also they tweak the Arduno IDE to do "special" compiling for their stuff.

-jim lee

Jim Lee, we're practically down the road from one another. Mount Vernon here. :o

Small world

OMG! A neighbor! Well, if you want to try a Teensy, I typically have a few laying about at the shop.

-jim lee

I'm considering getting some. Sumotoy apparently likes them so much he gears his libraries to work best with them/have more features.

I have so many esp32s right now. I keep finding them for like $25 for 5 and such so I just buy them. I figure I'll use them eventually. :slight_smile:

What are you working on? I ask because there's typically not a lot of tech stuff going on around here.

-jim lee

I'm building a device for a company out of Florida but I'm not sure how much I can say about it.

Aside from that I just built a little Arduino library for pull parsing huge JSON

Still fresh, I'm weighing options for implementing some of jsonpath and in memory trees.

I've written several IoT articles (and many many other types of articles) for code project, and I've got technical writing gigs that come my way by way of ContentLab.io that deal with IoT. Where my articles end up is anyone's guess. I have yet to see one, but then I only just started with them.

That's the IoT related irons I have on the fire anyway.

The most exciting one is the one I don't know that I can talk about what the device is or who it's for. I'm not under NDA, but I'm not sure if I should be and I want to be respectful of what they've got coming down the pipe.

I know I can tell you the contents though because my client wants me to write about them - Co2 and Oxygen sensors, pressure and flow sensors, a touch screen and SD ROM (a challenge to get both working on the same device), an RTC which i have to autosync when connected. I do background wifi connection and background wps scanning for no touch configuration.

The code is pretty big now. I'm running into longer and longer development cycles because of flashing times increasing.

It's fun. I started all this for a hobby, but it turns out people will knock down your door if you know how to fiddle with this stuff. :slight_smile: Good gigs in the age of COVID

You been busy! And you're right keeping tight lipped about customer's stuff. Never played around with IoT stuff. Looked a LORA once and thought "recursive", and moved on. I guess its the new and upcoming thing.

MOst ly I was just wondering what kind of tech. stuff was going on around the area.

-jim lee

I have no idea. Everything I'm doing is completely remote.