About finding remote IP Address

About using MKR1000 to find a remote IP Address. I am building a website that require the user's geo-location. I think the way to make it happen is to have MKR1000 to send out the remote IP Address so my server can take the the remote IP Address and turn that into a geo-location. Does anyone know how to do it, or any related reference?

Some of that question depends on how your connection is routed from the MKR to the internet.

If for instance its lets say a regular cable or fibre or similar connection the geolocation can be picked up from your routers IP usually to within a few kilometers depending on your distance from the head.

If you wanted to be more specific you would have to get the MKR to send its actual location which you can get from such as google maps for real co-ordinates.

The IP or the co-ordinates can then be processed by your server by whatever method you need

You can test the accuracy by using some of the sites that specialise in geo ids.


Simply google " my location ip" to get a few choices

Thank you Bob, I have found out that ExpressJS has a




to get the IP address
it is pretty good. Next step will be using Geo location library module to get accurate location. Do you have any suggest of the libraries for ip address to geo location?

The best method to get geo location is using html5 api. But it all depends upon how your server process your ip to get location. Getting location from ip is not much accurate.

The best solution to this is to use some Geo Location sites that shows exact your location with latitude and longitude.

as of my experience, the best service is the following one https://www.where-am-i.me/