About Firing || Shooting Systems for arduino

I’m new in this forum and my first topic :slight_smile:

I would like to repair my toy tank and put some servo motors. Also i want to put a firing or shooting system. I searched a lot on aliexpress.com but i didn’t find any product or something like that. I need a firing system, it may shoot 2-3m (more distance is appreciable) far away, and if it has an ability to fire 5 times without any installation, it will be very good for my project. Is there anyone who knows a system something like that?
For example, i will set the firing mechanism, i will use camera and want to auto target and shoot (assuming) red dots(1cmx1cm dots) in a pictures.

For camera mechanism i wanna use fpv ptz. But firing system is missing :frowning:
Help me pls. Any suggestion will make me happy.

Airsoft guns are often used for such projects. Below might have some useful information.