about led blinking

hi please i need to toggle between 2 led for examble led 13 and led 11
i need led 13 blink for 30 minuite and ledd 11 off
and then led 11 blink for 30 minuite and led 13 off

It sounds like a fun project. Enjoy!

is it easy are you have a code please

Start with the blink without delay example from the IDE.
File -> Examples -> Digital -> Blink Without Delay

is it easy are you have a code please

If you want someone to write your code for you, try the gigs and collaborations forum and pay someone to do it for you.

This forum we’ll help you, but not write the code for you. You’re expected to do some of the leg work and learning.

and what is the changes i will do please

How fast do you want the LEDs to blink?
Let’s say you want them to blink 0.5sec on and 0.5sec off = total time 1sec
Every time you go to do a flash, increment a counter.
When the counter is below 1800 (30 x 60 sec = 1800) flash the first led, otherwise flash the second led.
When the count reaches 3600 reset the count back to zero so you flash the first led again.

yes this what i need how do this loop please

See Reply #4

The information about loop() is here:

There's a tutorial about BlinkWithoutDelay here:

Please spend some time studying them, as well as the other relevant parts of the Arduino Language Reference:

Then you can start writing your program. Once you have done that, if there are some specific things you don't understand or are having problems with, come back here and post a detailed question. I'm sure we'll be able to help you out then.

yes this what i need how do this loop please

Did I mention a loop?

You could do it with a loop, but it wouldn’t help you learn much. Looping code is blocking code, and just about the second thing you will be asking (other than apparently can you write my code for me) is “how do I do something at the same time as looping?”.

Do you have the blink without delay example working yet?

Get blink without delay working then repeat for 2nd led. Then put the whole thing into an if statement
If time elapsed < x
Blink without delay
Blink without delay 2