about led brightness


I need to find white led strips that are quite bright , with a kelvin temperature around 4000k.
I am a bit lost between all those references.
Would you know where I can compare the color and brightess between smd 5050, smd 3020, smd 3528 or smd 3014 for instance?
Have you ever used one of them? could you tell me about their brightness?


Try superbrightleds.com, I think they have component LEDs you can compare.
Might differ from what your monitor shows, but its a start.

thanks crossroads,
it was helpful..

Glad to help.

Do a Google search for " LED specifications" where “<LED Type” is the part number.

Found this for 3528 and 5050…

3528 and 5050 SMD LED comparison:

3528 SMD LED Specs
Number of Light Emitting Chips 1
Dimensions 35 x 28 mm
Power Consumption 0.08 watts per SMD

5050 SMD LED Specs
Number of Light Emitting Chips 3
Dimensions 50 x 50 mm
Power Consumption 0.24 watts per SMD

Forward current and luminous intensity are good clues on how bright they’ll be. I’ve used 5050’s before and they’re rather bright, having 3 LED chips in the package.