About my quadruped robot

Hello, I'm an Arduino n00b, so I don't know much about it... I wanna make a quadruped robot, using 12 pcs. og SG90 9g servo motors, but I need a shield to power all the servos, but the question is: if i buy this shield, how much external power do I need to put in the little blue box, where the screws are? Oh, and P.S: If this servo shield is crappy, then it could be nice if u could share a link, where i can buy a great one :smiley:

This is the shield for the Mega 2560: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00UB2YHII?psc=1

Well, it's not exactly a servo shield, but it should work OK.

The power supply should supply the correct voltage required by the servos with more than enough current. To calculate that, I would suggest 12 times the servo's maximum current would be a safe choice, since you would be unlikely to have all 12 servos drawing peak current simultaneously.

Alrigt, so if I understand that correctly, do I then need X Amps and 0 volt in the shield? I've been searching for a power supply that can support the servos, but I can't find one on any site...

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Is this related to info given in this?

and this?

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