about obstacle avoidance robot

I am working on obstacle avoidance robot. I want to control this robot with both auto and manual mode.In auto mode robot avoid obstacle automatic and in manual mode robot can control with mobile using Android mobile. Please help me if some one have code.

Hi, I've built a few robots, all auto, see www.melsaunders.co.uk under electronics. If you have something like this in mind, I can help, but I'm not just going to give you the coding, you have to work at it, decide what kind of thing you have in mind!! What motors, what driver chip (Try to avoid the L293 types) a DRV based module is good. What about power, what batteries?

Give us as much info as you can so we can help you more... Doing it yourself is the only way to learn, better then copying someone else's ideas.

Sorry can't help with the andriod bit.

Hope it helps, Regards