about photoresistor sensor

Hello .. i have a problem that I don't know how to use the photoresistor for counting passing objects? Because I'm new to the arduino :confused: My project is to count passing cars in each road i'm using 2 or 3 roads and see what is the best ,so is it possible to use the photoresestor and how could i connect it to the arduino and LCD screen to see the numbers on the screen .

if it is possible to use the photoresistor in my project can any one help me with coding :sob:


When you've been around this forum a bit longer, you'll find out that we really, really hate people who post the same question in different parts of the forum.

So that you're not the subject of all that hate, I deleted your copy of this post.

I hope you understand.

Google “arduino photoresistor” or “arduino ldr” for lots of example projects.

A photoresistor will probably not work for your project to count cars, because of background light variations and many other factors. Once you understand the basics, you will have to experiment.

You might find my attachment to this thread useful.