About share loading TP4056 charging board

Hellllllooooo there. I already know you shouldn't have a load operating while TP4056 is charging your battery. But what if is just a super simple micro 3.7v to 5v boost converter with an attiny85 drawing 5 volts. Will this screw up the charge cycle too? I'm not using motors or anything else while the TP4056 is charging, only the converter and the attiny85 (not even leds) I need to know this because the attiny 85 must always remain powered or it will reset because its used keep track of time. And reading about that mcp chip or whatever its called as a load sharing circuit may not be acceptable because to me it sounds like its just a fancier way of disconnecting your circuitry while the TP4056 charges instead of using physical buttons to do so and it sound like it would reset my attiny85.

There is no need for a boost converter to power an ATtiny85. It will run just fine on 3.7V.

A forum member proposed a circuit to enable load sharing with one popular charge module here.

I already know that you dont need a converter for attiny85. Already know I could just directly connect it to a battery. But for my circuit it is required because the converter also servers other purposes when other stuff is on and operating. The reason my attiny85 is attached to it is because the converter will always remain on and helps prevent voltage drops when dc motors are switched on and activated, therefore preventing the attiny85 from resetting the time. When everything else is off the converter and attiny85 are the only two components that will always remain on. If they ever get switched off I will have to constantly keep setting the time again.

A schottky diode and electrolytic buffer cap could prevent your ATtiny supply dipping during motors start.

You might get better answers if you post a diagram.