About that *pt2Function thing

Is *pt2Function the name of something important when I want to do a callback from a library to trigger a event in my sketch, or can I use any name, like *callback?

*pt2Function is often use for what I can see on google, but is it just cause people, unlike me, don't want to ask the question or is it really the name of the call back ?

Is *pt2Function the name of something important

In what context?

I'd guess that the name means something like "pointer to function", in which case you supply the name (which the compiler translated to address) of the function you want to be called.

or can I use any name, like *callback?

If you do, I'll personally come kick your ass. Use a name that defines what the function does, not some stupid generic name that means nothing.

Well it's to do some thing similar to the serialEvent event from the hardwareserial library. Basically, call a function in the sketch from a library when some uartwifi data has been treated and ready to be catch.

Ok, so i'm happy to know that I can change that name, I was suspecting that it meanted "pointer to fonction" i found it in the analog button on this site, but it was also all over the net. Personally, i would prefere to use XY or something that mean nothing, then that hiphop langage. So yeah, I will use some significant naming for sure.

Any ways it's good, cause I might have more then one event to trigger, and that seem limiting in the way it was declared.

Mk, thank you once again PaulS