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I am in dire trouble and need help quick please help!
Sending serial without serial being connected
Arduino nano 33BLE EDDYSTONE UID
DC Motor become stop with directional Command
Error compiling for board ESP32 Dev Module
I need help with my Arduino UNO!
Modbus.h Questions
Serial Monitor and FDTI connection
ModBus TCP with Arduino DUE
Arduino nano software serial ports
Mouse not working with USB Host Shield
LCD it does not display anything in the loop when i us the 433Mhz
Arduino uno r3 code
Adafruit MPU-6050 and adafruit I2C Multiplexer
My servo go to 90 degree before the degree i want
Arduino becomes unresponsive after sometime of operation
R307 finger print sensor not lighting
Enqury about uploading
White Squares on a 1602A lcd screen
RC transmitter modules
Error compiling for Arduino uno problem
Expected unqualified-id before 'else' help
Thermoelectric Generator
Starting LoRa Failed with MKR WAN 1300
[HTTP-Client] failed to connect to localhost
GrblGru “Grbl not found @ COM3” & The setup wizard is not supported for this controller
Amazon Alexa fails to discover the thing(property) of MKR1000 on same wifi
Modbus TCP with W5100
Finding the solution to connect an arduino to a website
Trouble with batter and dc motor
How to solve "stray '#' in program"-error. (First time compileing)
Variant board do not work :(
Sleep, power down, WITHOUT an external interrupt
Problem with TRANSRECEIVER at longer distance
Connecting arduino midi drum to g stomper app
Image display on 1.8 st7735 128X160 spi TFT module
MODBUSMASTER library not working
New build CNC not working
Cannot find WebServer.h of ESP32 Core
2 servos causing problems?
Stepper Motor keeps rotating without a command
Problem with blocking
LCD QC12864B (ST7920) issues with U8GLIB SPI mode
Can I control ASR1200E card reader LED color with Arduino? Over Wiegand Connection type
Oled display flickers when I set time in code
Fnm16p mp3 with arduino nano, uno
Proximity sensor error help
Arduino with relay and on-off rocker switch Help!
Arduino Nano 33 BLE External power led indicator
Pls how can I reduce noise in current sensor
Expected primary-expression before '<' token............................ I want to program an arduino board to control a fan at different speeds
L298P Shield problems
CNC Y-axis issue
Help! Arduino IoT Cloud Class and Object used on Wifi? - ESP32
TCA9548A Multiplexer - Arduino Mega
DS3231 RTC module not displaying to serial monitor
[SOLVED] Open file fails on SD-card with ESP32
Arduino 3.2" TFT Touchscreen Mega mirrored/reversed - Car LCD gauge project
Wemos R1 webserver wificlient receives post request only for the first instance
I2c problems with ItsyBitsy RP2040
Display led p7.62 Problem with no character show
Listening Serial Ports
Trying to determine if my NANO 33BLE is stationary at any time for a designated time frame
Configurating Ublox GPS on bootup from arduino
Newbe, need to control 2 steppermotors
digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, LOW); turns on the led
ESP 8266 , arduino UNO and thingspeak
Power failure, I think
What does redefinition of class Key mean?
ESP32 and PCB type Relay
Conversion from 'monster*' to non-scalar type 'monster' requested
128 x 64 oled screen can't refresh
MQ 136 sensor calibration and PPM value
Can't compile Seeduino Xiao
Can't control stepper motor speed to decimals
Trouble Changing I2C Address on BME280
Arduino button press
Sketch works when uploaded only from a specific computer
nRF24L01+ seem dead but shouldnt be
Lm016*2 lcd doesn't work
Input signal, modify and generate different output signal
BN-1106 GPS and Oled display
Please Help! How to input delay and increase volume measurements with hall sensor detection
Is there any Arduino Module that can do my job when interfaced with Uno?
Duplicated libraries
U-blox Neo-6m GPS module
Problem with ESP32-Wroom when connected to DHT22-Sensor
Keypad and speaker works simultaneously
Changing Serial Stop Bit
White screen problem in my tft screen (ili9341)
Arduino board sleep issue
Jestem nowy w temacie i nie wiem jak temu zaradzić
Question about Self-Balancing Robot
Arduino uno turning off when 5v pin is entered
Delay issue between "if/else if" statements
Arduino can communicate via serial monitor but not with softwareserial
How to call another function inside void loop function
Reading from SD card, one value not reading at all
RTC ds3231 - 165:165:85
ARDUINO DUE -HeartBeat Pulse Sensor
Bluno Nano DFR0296
RF communication problem betwwen ultrsonic and servo motor
Arduino can communicate via serial monitor but not with softwareserial
Installation dowload issue with Kissing Google Campaing
Adafruit Feather nRF52 with Flutter: Could not locate CCCD Descriptor
Array bug or I don't get something?
Long cord between computer and Arduino
Programming oled display of the week day
nRF24 Single Variable Transmission
Sensor - Place under carpet
Servo.h and tmrpcm.h
TSOP 1738 does not give any serial output in Arduino uno coding
Problem with Power Supply Module turning off
How to detect if sensor is serial or I2C
Conflict with ADS1220 and SD card
Arduione mega with xbee pro s2c
How to connect clock to arduino and test it?
MQTT Arduino Mega ethernet sheld2 server
Relay not triggering from loop function. Variable “volume” not updating after encoder is turned to value?
Error Compiling with my HUZZAH ESP8266
Nodemcu, ACS712, LCD display
OSOYOO smart home mega2560 help
Issue with wave file cuts off file at beginning
Increase id fingerprint Sensor R301T
Programing RM5 evolution token, finding the outputs signals for PLC inputs
Neopixel I need help
Problem using Arduino 2.2" TFT display
Stepper positioning 1
Alternative solution for clash between servo.h and virtualwire.h
Ethernet_shield not continously working
How can print maximum and minimum current reading from INA 219 using Arduino Uno
Which pin is to use?
Cannot read input register from rs485
Green Bean at Arduino, new and confused. LED+Distance
Set up sample rate of arduino
Error in code and cant figure out wwhat is the issue
Expected initializer before '.' token error is coming for this code plz tell me what to do? (for my ESP8266)
TTGO-T-Display ESP32
Expected initializer before '.' token error is coming for this code plz tell me what to do? (for my ESP8266)
My AD_9833 doesn't work
DS3231 RTC not working?
Error with ESP32 subscribing to an MQTT broker
ATTiny84 weird shutdown issue
DS18B20 is only giving -127
CAN-BUS Shield V1.2 with arduino mega
Can someone respond to this question because I'm not sure
Using MOSFETs with RGBW striplights
Convert existing 'c' file to a sketch and add code
Attiny85 projekt, ds18b20, tm1637
Servo Alimentation
HM10 not returning AT signals
Two steppers and and LED - Voltage across MOSFET issue
Html Get request with Arduino Uno
Error 'pin' not declared in scope - dfplayer_mini_mp3, #define player pin
USB Host Shield Not Giving Enough Power For Inputs
Weather Monitoring Station Using Telegram anf Blynk Cloud
GY-521 from uno to mega
Voice recognition V3 serial comm
Force sensor with Arduino
Colour sensor RGB Value Issues with different Voltage and Current output
My ESP crashes running my code and restarts itself
PWM reading with DUE
Choosing right resistor for speaker
Welcome I'm currently working with a module() but I'm having trouble getting a message from a mobile to the module to turn the LED on and off.. All love to those who had the ability and offered me to solve a problem
Servos powered by nano v3.0 at mega 328p
How to create Web Server with arduino ethernet shield with text address?
SPI and I2C Clash?
Issues with 12v and 12v relay to power a pump
How to reduce noise from motor
ESP8266 keep disconnecting from WiFi
Timestamp in Serial Monitor
How to fix unstable analog output from A0 pin
Code won't compile because expected primary-expression before '==' token
Nextion display 7inch NX8048T070 using led OFF ON
Delay when comparing value received via serial
How do I get a stable input on a digital pin for arduino?
Sometimes Stepper motor can not move
Arduino leonardo + usb host shield
IR remote controlling nema 17 stepper motor CODE press/depress
Connection of Canon Mg2410 Sensor
TSOP 1738 and Arduino UNO IRremote project arise problem
Arduino code MAX30100 and DS18B20 doesn't work
Checkweigher code freezes after a few seconds
Esp-01 semi-working access point
Programming my desired function to my Arduino
Two ESP8266 with single GSM module
Use external battery on arduino project when using OTG cable
Arduino iot cloud & The Things Stack
Communication from reader to registrator RS485 ESP32
Phase control of mains voltage
ESP32 Sketch Uploaded but not executed
What is the resistance when connecting multiple LEDs to the same pin?
Esp32 and pcm1802
Serial Communication Voltage
Fluctuation in ADC
ESP32 SD-Card Stream download, sd card failure?
Modbus communication and spi communication simultaneously
Arduino code won't compile seeking help
Add HC-SR04 into Self Balancing Robot
Stepper motor rotates abnormally
Error Compiling for board Arduino MKR1000
Firmware uploaded from artemis firmware uploader gui shows output but not when uploaded from arduino
Led strip flickering
Arduino pro mini te362 and nRF24L01+
A bit of help with multiple shields please!
LCD Shield "SELECT" button doesn't work
Problem Arduino and SIM7600 communication
Arduino Leonardo Keyboard library problems
Relay Shorted Reason
Error with internal Arduino files while uploading sketch
Lights & motion sensor on a building
Sainsmart 5 inch display, Compile errors
Fix flickering LCD
Flysky and Relay
Mac address ESP32 into unity C#
R503 capacitive fingerprint module
Exit status 1 Error compiling for board Arduino Nano
Tft display draw number in reverse digit
I2c between arduino boards forrobot
Incorporating button into Servo Loop. Help!
Arduino Net Monitoring
White boxes in first row of 16X2 LCD display
Stepper motor Food growing
Arduino NANO Code Question
12 V supply to my drv8825 stepper motor driver goes down when connecting 5V from arduino
Nordic nRF52840 code on Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense?
Meanwell Biltron PSU on Arduino mega 24v
Arduino Problems in Coin Acceptor
Unable to trigger webhook using at command
How to program atmega2560 r3 with 3,5"tft for multiple pictures
Debounce button and delays
Can't change a variables value inside an if statement
Interrupts problem with water flow sensor
4 digit binary counter skipping
Code Error while compiling
Remote control with viessman air conditioner ir
Program corruption over time
RX Sketch Nano RP2040 Connect
How can i make it so only the yellow led comes on when both buttons are pushed and not all three led's?
Why is the humidity sensor lcd output as nan?
I need help to replace delay() with millis() function
Uno with BME280 and OLED 1106: Loop stops when using bme.readPressure
The flowmeter sensor value is read even though the input voltage is not connected
LEDS stay lit up
Troubles with if statements in for loops
Making DIY “Arduino”
Why does my potentiometer sending random values?
SoftPWM from Brett Hagman
SSD1306 shows partial segmentation
Two Arduino Micro Pros for Dactyl Manuform - Trouble Connecting to the PC
Hc-05 will not reply on my AT commands
Web Server using IP public (set as port forwarding at WIFI modem) can not work
Cut char with separator not working
First time user, have problem with LCD shield type
Detecting incoming Microsoft Teams call in arduino
I want to scan 5 different qr code to activate the servo
I am creating this temp monitoring system
My Arduino rfid (rc522) is not reading
How to trigger relay for 10 sec and then switch off for 10 mins without time module
Adafruit EMC2101 I2C board not working with Arduino Due
MKR 1010 Wifi Transistor 3V+ 5V
Can you please guide me about analog joystick ? Is it possible to control the directions and speed of two motors just like an RC Car movements with one joystick (VRx, VRy )
Uno formfit with more memory
How to Sum button presses with RTCIO, when esp32 in deep sleep mode
Error: macro names must be identifiers #ifdef dobogusinclude
Iridium SBD Error Return Codes
Hello everyone! Is there anyone out there to help?
Sending Emails Using the Arduino Uno Wifi Rev2 Board and the EmailSender library
Error compiling for board Arduino Uno Problem pls help
Arduino delay on timer
Is this DS1603LV1.0 sensor bad? Or am I bad?
How to connect a Festo SME-8M-DS-24V-K-2 sensor
Arduino LED sync and speed issues
Arduino Featherwing M0 and Stepper Motor Issue
Hc-05 arduino probelm
Attaching a servo affects pulseIn readings
Pulses at Turn on
NodeMcu v3 only works on laptop usb
Trying to fix expected primary-expression before ')' token
LCD Display arduino uno error ccode
Arduino lib error
Rfid and 2 push buttons Door lock
How to read an analog signal 2v to 3v
Cant get 2 analog input readouts correctly
Relay with lm35 and Nodemcu not working
Arduino project using tinker cad(Determine weight using a force sensor and display mass over a unit of four 7- segment display.)any help
ESP8266 Wifi issues with Serial monitor? Exception 0?
Waveshare library (1.8" LCD) is so weird
Power supply to Arduino Mega
I been trying to convert my decimal input to binary input for my LED condition
I2C data on oscilloscope
Compilation Failed Message
Help with bluetooth HC-05
Can not Send Email with EtherCard
Output on and off for a time intervals
Getting Data to excel from Arduino
I'm having a problem connecting multiple soil moisture to turn on relay
Arduino set up for work with Octave (Matlab) then disconnected
Serial available function
HTS221 sensor reading wrong values in MKR IoT Carrier
Weird wemos D1 R1
Powering 3 arduino duo
Add ram to an arduino
LCD not displaying message
Problem with GSM programming with the key control with Arduino
DigitalWrite not working - board broken?
The Arduino does not execute commands when I unplug the Arduino.. It only executes commands when I press the restart button
Trying to play multiple notes at ones on one buzzer
Error messages 342
Why the led is still high
Image display on 1.8 st7735 128X160 spi TFT module
Solar tp4056 esp01/led; tp4056 blocked
No matching function for call to 'HttpClient::HttpClient()'
Wrong voltages with DAC MCP4725 driven by Mega250
Power on defaults
New to this and have very small experience with using arduinos. Maybe someone can help?
How to control the exact amount of voltage to a pin
Help me figure out the esp8266 module
Arduino nano not communicating with NRF24L01
Compiler Error regarding TinyXML2
Help me, speed with hc-sr04
Sensor doesn't change value (MPU9250)
NodeMCU ESP8266 unable to fully rotate Servo 180 degrees
NodeMCU connecting by transistor
Sensor Serial Monitor
TB6600 code with Arduino
Compilation error: exit status 1}
How to get the response of a GET request on arduino
MKRNB1500, yellow led glowing
Is this programma correct
Help with Midi Processing - 2560 mega
Digital read problem: Toggles HIGH/LOW to LOW/HIGH on its own
I2C on old Nano
RF LCD remote to control a motor with feedback
How to use Anemometer with pulse output
My stepper motor is vibrated
Smoke when powering Arduino UNO with 12v 7a
ESP32 touch pins unstable and triggering on their own
Receive type:doubles with ESP32 Bluetooth
Parola Scroll text, Brightness
Send i2c and analog sensor data from Arduino to FPGA basys3
Getting a Fixed / Static IP Address for ESP8266
Putting An Arduino Unit In A Small Plastic Object
Guru Meditation Error: Core 1 panic'ed (Coprocessor exception) nodemcu ESP32
Bu hatayı nasıl düzeltebilirim yardımcı olurmusunuz
Potentiometer not working smooth
DFPLAYER MINI Makes my Servo move at ARDUINO startup?
Generate PWM signal
Dashboard Switch will not stay ON, keeps returning to OFF position
Vibration motor problem
HC-05 cant pair
'dht' does not name a type
How do i make an arduino-based OSD for a analog video signal?
HC-05 does't return ok for few commands
Bluetooth trackpad, esp32 issue
Editing an existing fuzzy logic .h file
This code is not running my laptop(Arduino slave mod question)
Arduino to MDB Interface as cashless device
'ArialMT_Plain_16' was not declared in this scope
New Arduino Uno Mini Issue
nRF24L01+ seem dead but shouldnt be
Nano 33 IoT cloud climate controller w 8 relays
Making z axis function as second y axis
Making z axis function as second y axis
TTGO T-Display Help Needed
Mega 2560 china clone compatibility with ENC28J60
Having trouble with my RF24
My cnc mashine stops in a job
Teaching DC RL circuit
Arduino uno with cnc v3 - z probe not working
How to measure vibration along a single along a single axis using accelerometer ADXL 335 interfaced with matlab?
Sim800l led compatibility
Sending command to rs232 device
Buck Converter - Voltage Measurement
Unable to compile for esp32 board in arduino ide
Arduino micro freezing / stopping
Troubleshooting serial plotter and BPM from ecg
QueueArray.h: No such file or directory
Serial Communication of char from LilyPad to UNO
Arduino Ultra sonic sensor car
SG90 Servo's Stopped Working
A4988 short circuit
Waveshare 7.5" b/w/r display with NodeMCU ESP8266
Solar tracker with arduino programming
What board should I use? Trying to make gas and brake hand controls for sim racing because of my Disability
Interfacing XBee Pro S2C with Arduino
MQ135 with ESP 32
Nrf24lo1 + PA connection to arduino pro mini 5v
How to write software Arduino due using both USB ports
Combining Motor Steper with Ultrasonic Sensor. Help me with the code please
Interrupt quesion
Someone could give us our own program
Lidar to Bluetooth directly connection
How to read the voltage so I can make the BPM and show it on the LCD
Arduino with RTC module turning off after unplugging
2 bluetooth HC-05 sending data to one Arduino containing another HC-05
Mqtt use ip in topic - error
Arduino soundoutput buzzes
Connect more then one I2C devices Arduino Nano
Run buzzer for one time only
Run buzzer for one time only
Error in Arduino for Mac
L298n module to control injector
Mega powered without load
Draw-wire sensor - Sensor de Fio ou potenciômetro retrátil
ESP8266 questions
I2c between arduino (slave) and raspberry pi (master)
Arduino uno r3 ignores delay()
Help With Current Sensor
Error compiling Uno for NFC Reading
Error code detecting ds18b20 address
Arduino DUE SoftwareSerial
Error coding : two servo motors controlled by button
ATiny85 freezes on 12V Supply
About PCF8574T I/O Expander
A question about UC3842AN
Using EEPROM with Digital Potentiometer
Unable to get ESP8266 AT codes to work from sketch
P10 arduino split two column
Code not compiling for Arduino Micro
Error compiling for board uno
Error with Adafruit ADS1115
Passing AT commands from ESP32 to GSM via UART2
Scale project help
Help with Esp8266 Web server Basic
Two way communication NodeMCU-Appinventor
How Transpose note of a MIDI keyboard with Arduino Mega
CAN-netwerk MCP2515
Why do I keep frying my Arduino Nanos? 5 burnt so far
MB1040 Ultrasonic Sensor returning unrealistic distances
Control of 3DOF voice coil actuator using segmented mirror
IoT NTP problem
Mega 2560 with esp8266 communication with WiFi module failed
Esp8266 stops sending data to firebase
Add MIDI functionality to Digital guitar pedal
Pulse Counting iregularities
LoRa RFM9x module connected to Arduino Uno
Changing Code For DigiSpark
Flashing Nano's Clone
Temperature and humidity not showing on LCD display but Serial Monitor testing works fine arduino uno
Temperature and humidity not showing on LCD display but Serial Monitor testing works fine arduino uno
Conflicting Boards/Pins
Redefinition of "String UID"?
SMS using RTC module
Motor not changing the rotation direction
Leonardo multiple usb endpoints for midi gamport, ps/2 keyboard
Does the loop stop working after adding tone () to the my void error()?
LCD trouble (20x4)
MAX30100 and DS18B20 Monitoring System
Arduino leonardo help usb handbrake
How to read 10 bit (1024) analog in STM32F103C instead of 12 bit (4096)?
Serial Transfer has no member named ‘txBuff’
A9G Receives HTTP Response takes long time
Exit status 1 Error compiling for board Arduino MKR WiFi 1010
Local memory computation
Connecting ATMega2560 chip to FTDI chip to PC
Recevoir des données GPS
Esp8266 proogram code
Bug in esp8266 code
How String Hex to dec
Issues with my code
Arduino with flight simulator rotary encoders
Not in scope error in 8266
Kontiki auto rudder
Arduino Nano 33 IoT hangs when trying to use wifi
One HC-05 Bluetooth Module for two Arduino boards?
Studentkit.arduino.cc help request - lesson 2 - multimeter does not show reading
Arduino serial monitor does not show anything when AT command
IRremote.h library doesn't exist?
More than one component that needs SCL & SDA(?)
Connection Bluetooth with ATSAMD21
Trying to control gate (servo) speed
Arduino NANO 33 BLE SPI loopback testing not working
Why my arduino leonardo not working with bluetooth module , However this same code is working with Arduino UNO, Plz suggest me changes
Hall Effect Sensor with I2C Sensor
Max6675.cpp fatal error: util/delay.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated
Global variables use 3115 bytes (152%) of dynamic memory, Error compiling for board Arduino Uno
Pi pico in Arduino IDE use softwareserial
Error Compiling Sketch from a github file
String.replace() issues, doesn't work
Arduino and PCMCIA
Stepper loosing position over time
Blink without delay in a switch on/off device
Arduino with attiny44
IF Statements RTC
Connect Wemos Mega wifi r3 with Arduino IoT cloud
How can I keep time in Arduino by C programming
ESP32 WebServer HTML DataTime Piker
Integrating servo with Bluetooth module
Color OLED code error
Sound Trigger with Motion Sensor
Lidar Sensor connection with bluetooth sensors
Using MAX30100 and MPU6050 with ESP32
Relay power up but not switching
Authenticated person entry with barcode
I can’t find the error in using if
Update on Arduino IDE 2 debugging?
EZ Button buttons, have phantom True statements
Arduino hourglass finished but it doesnt work
Use Arduino, thermal printer to print QR code pictures in computer folder
ESP8266 force to use DNS
Weird characters on serial monitor Arduino
NRF24l01 receiving problem
Image refresh on mcufriend_kbv
Connecting camera with ir sensor using arduino
Power to arduino uno
Can i share com ports?
Using a MOSFET with my Nano
Dupont wires fix definitely
DS3231 do not run when arduino board no pwer
What is the purpose of setLedOn?
Code causes esp32 to go into panicked
Read 32 ints Arduino Serial
How to 31 32 to 0x12
Microstepping speed + motor overheating
ESP32 - error in esp_mbedtls_mem_calloc()/Arduino IDE error
Serial monitor to web interface
No current through circuit, but LED is still on
HELP new to arduino
Multiple Xbee and Mutliple Arduino
Accessing the Clock and Data- on ps/2 keyboard
Variables over bluetooth
ELEGOO TFT 2.8" keyboard for UNO
'player' does not name a type
SIM7600A Network Status LED
Did I fry my Arduino Megas?
Rotary encoder controlling volume
Ultrasonic sensor troubles
ESPDuino + LCD I2C problem
How can I pause stepper motor with ultrasonic sensor?
IR remote command is stuck in While loop ! help me plz
Arduino nano is not working properly
ESP32U(16Mb) not working with Serialbluetooth and AWS mqtt same time
Code not looping properly
Turning 28BYJ-48 stepper motor
Esp32 keep restart after connect wifi
Communication between RS485 module and esp8266
Reset Arduino via serial communication with Raspberry Pi
Basic NR24RFL01 and arduino" error message"
Cannot send data to 000webhost server using sim900. AT+CIPSEND ERROR
Wemos mega 2560 with wifi buildin fetch data out from firebase and display in lcd i2 20x4
Help me solve my first Arduino project
Can I use Two battery of 9V batteries for 2WD arduino car? It show not enough power
Arduino Uno Starter Kit DS1307 Problems
Trying to read RPM and having some issues with floating voltage?
Can someone tell me if there's a "stay/don't change state" type function?
Liquid sensors/changes in colour for chromatography
Connect MKR WIFI 1010 to 32x16 Led panel
Servo motor control using esp8266 and IOT
Person detection model on ESP32-WROVER?
Websocket is sending only one time
16 by 2 display with I2c
Adafruit Thermal Receipt with MKR 1010
ESP8266 WIFI single relay ESP-12F Dev board
NFC shield and Arduino
Zmpt101b Not measuring solar panel?
Issues with ov2640 2MP Mini Plus camera
Record in TXT flows using a vortex principle flow meter
ArduinoOTA ATmega WiFi R3 + ESP8266 32Mb
Get connected bluetooth device UUID and RSSI on ESP32
Using motor position inputs (via incremental encoder) to control output signal to mosfet driver to drive motor
Arduino mkr wifi 1010 nextion display
I need help "expected primary-expression"
Lm35 lcd 2arduinos compim
nRF24L01 problems (arduino uno ==> Mega 2650)
ESP32 Communication with Computer
How to serially communicate with Arduino when using other power supply not the USB POWER SUPPLY?
How to fix this? I am going to use RTC DS3131 but I cannot upload the code in my arduino uno. Please answer. Thank You
Arduino Firebase and FirebaseESP8266.h library problem
Relay for 12volt solenoid
ENC28J60 Ethernet & 6 DS18B20 sensors. Can't figure out how to print sensor outputs to HTML
External power source for communication with software terminal
GSM SIM 900 cannot connect to Network
Voltage drop resets Atmega328P
I2c OLED controller custom
How to use source code from Nordic SDK for Mesh in the Arduino IDE for the Nano 33 BLE?
I want to set my plus and minus buttons to increment and decrement as long as it is pressed
I've got some error?
Is ina169 sensor can sensing both voltages,current, and power? please reply
Arduinio pro mini max output pins
Newbie question regarding what I need
Portenta machine control with firmata
How to cascade Hexadecimal no
Arduino Mega freezes after sometime
RS232 TTL converter samples
Liquid crystal I2C
Voltage regulator output
LGT8F328P LQFP32 MiniEVB and HID (Mouse.h and Keyboard.h)
How 5 server show the temperature humidity in tft display
Help for migrate firmware from atmega1280 to 2560
Can I use the ESP32 with the keyboard library?
7Key Macropad Code HELP!
Variable "ROWS" “Not declared in this scope” when i already defined it
Stopwatch with tm1637
DHT22 communication isolation
Slide potentiometer giving random values
How can i go form 12,5a to 10a for a relais?
LCD TFT problem with display
Ac servo motor Xinje anc arduino
Mkr 1500 connected to nb network does not stay running for more than 24 hours connected without a hard resett
RFID reader not reading tag
MicroSD card auto deletes
Nrf24lo1 low power consumption using attiny44
Arduino on and receiving data but not working
How do I connect esp to google cloud
ZMOD4510 Gas sensor RENESAS
The reverse input of the button and LED interaction
Arduino charged led blinking
Esp32: read data from mysql
Variable or field 'writeFile' declared void ESP32 CAM
Webserver on mega - problem with slider position
RFID Card Reader Serial Monitor
Switch/Case not working and cant figure out why
Arduino board pin triger Power MOSFET Problem
Issue with Using libraries
Two channel relay causes screen dimming
Custom test PCB nightmare
MKR1000 matlab wifi connection
Modified RGB-matrix-Panel-master for use with 16x64 LED To 16x8
Overheating UNO when
Sensor with relay issue
Stepper Motor/LCD coding and wiring help?
Anyone know how to integrated this system to home alarm box?
1602 Lcd contrast voltage rise problem
At-commands failing
Serial USB works with Nano, IOT33 but not with BLE nor RP2040
Arduino Diy Drone
Error compiling nodemcu with IFTTT webhook library
High Speed USB port
/storage/emulated/0/ArduinoDroid/userlibraries/DS3231/ DS3231.h:22:18: fatal error: time.h: No such file or directory
Arduino Nano/Uno digital output not outputting 5v
Ethernet Programing
USB Host Shield "OSC did not start"
Arduino Micro timming issue based on power supply
Analog inputs reporting 14,15,16
Error while copiling to DOIT ESP32 DEVKIT V1 board
MMC5983 with IIC
Honeywell TruStability I2C Pressure Sensor
Can bus real time monitor
ESP 42 impossible connection to WIFI
Video synthesizer. Tips
Si1145 cannot work with Arduino MKR 1310
SD Card Audio 'char*' Error
Nano BLE - allow connection from MAc list?
I have a question for the lcd's
Servo mg996 with ardiuno seperate power source
MDNS ESP8266 URL not accessible
Problem for sending data trough url to wamp database
Linear actuator one button
If statement not working esp32
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